Milkweed Bee
An animated illustration featured in Art Picks—a "selection of art exhibitions and events in Chicago and the Midwest for August 2022" curated by Sixty Inches From Center. 

Milkweed Bee is a personal project inspired by my experience gardening in Evanston, IL.
In the summer, wild milkweeds would surround the garden beds. When their flowers blossomed, the area became a pollinator haven frequented by bumblebees, monarch butterflies and honeybees. The proximity of these wildflowers meant abundant harvests of tomatoes and baby watermelons. It also helped ease my childhood fear of bees. They would buzz inches away from me, but tending my garden meant working alongside them. I grew to love pausing to watch as they dusted themselves in pollen, bouncing around the buffet of flowering plants. I sometimes captured these moments on my phone, which served as visual reference for this animated loop.
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